There are cover bands, and then there's The Boston Naturals. The buzz around town starts in early spring when fans begin thinking about their summer plans; "When and where are The Boston Naturals playing?". Having been a Cape Cod staple every summer for the past 2 decades, they can also be seen playing in Boston and throughout New England.


Each musician boasts an impressive resume from studio recordings to international tours.  Combined they have over a century of performing professionally. Their eclectic set list is composed of music spanning 4 decades, from classic rock to modern pop. 

"If you combine The Red Hot Chilli Peppers inside your Elton John/Tom Petty sandwich." 

"ZZ Top powered by ACDC with a touch of Billy Joel." 

"If you want your Cake and Aerosmith too."

The Boston Naturals, experience them before they get too old. 

Scott Miller

- Guitar, vocals, GM -

Born in Detroit and raised in Ludington, Michigan, Scott’s interest in guitar began at the age of 12 when his brother couldn’t be bothered to play and his father refused to let a good guitar go unused. With encouragement from his mother and a penchant for staying up late, the combination was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Scott and music. With over twenty five years in the music industry, Scott’s musical exploits have taken him around the globe touring the states, Canada and Europe.


Scott has performed with such artists as Santana, Bruce Hornesby, Jackson Browne and 10,000 Maniacs. He is an accomplished composer and continues to create original music that is frequently used in film, television and digital media. In addition to performing, Scott continues to teach curious and willing people how to play the guitar.


Billy Kane

-Bass, vocals, cowbell -

Billy has been an active part of the R&B, Blues, Roots Rock scene for over 30 years. He’s the former bassist for G. Love and Special Sauce where he recorded three albums and toured the U.K., Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S.


Other notable experiences include recording with Dr. John, fronting local bands King Kanes 2nd Line Revue and The Junco Partners. He has also played with the Bobby Watson Band, Liz Lannon Band, Dr. Blues and the Screaming Blue Orchestra, Funky White Honkies, Shirley Lewis, Legendary Snake Ensemble and many more.

Johnny Matthews

- Keys, vocals, percussion -

John Matthews studied at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA. before becoming the lead vocalist/keyboardist for The Heavy Metal Horns. Over several decades and a number of national tours, John now has reunited with his brother and other band mates after 30+ years appropriately named Full Circle.

John was also persuaded to join The Boston naturals after several valiant attempts by Scott and Chris who admittedly harassed John by visiting him at work every day until he gave in. Many people suspect the band is using John to get to his wife’s cooking but to date the band has refrained from commenting.


Kenny Benda

-Lead vocals -

Born and raised in Dedham, MA. Kenny started his musical journey at 13 absorbing all the rock and metal he could - from Kiss to Metallica; Lynyrd Skynyrd to Pantera.  By 15 was singing and recording with the infamous BADWATER, Dedham’s notorious metal outfit.  Later years would see Kenny perform with the progressive metal band FROZEN, thrashers DISCREATE, and stoner metal’s BURN the WITCH.

Kenny also had lucrative stretches in cover bands with BOOTH ROAD and THE WINGMEN singing a wild range of styles from pop, rock, rap, country, blues and funk. He also performed with Faith No More tribute ANGEL DUST. 

Kenny currently performs as lead guitarist with Riffted, a thrash metal cover band. 

As the new singer of The Boston Naturals, Kenny hopes to find a balance of family, performing live, and creating original music as a solo artist and with his heavy original band PINE WAR.

Chris Georgenes

- Drums, percussion -

Chris is a long-time veteran of the Boston music scene.

During the ‘90s Chris was 1/3rd of a popular original power trio that enjoyed a wild run headlining major rock clubs from Boston to New York City.


Chris has performed with a wide variety of bands playing everything from Motown, soul, funk, blues, and pop. He's performed with original artists such as Jodi Heights, Laura Vecchione, and Verdegree.

Chris has also collaborated with musicians all over the world via remote recording. He's actively recording and mixing with the guidance and wisdom of Alan Evans (Soulive, Iron Wax Studio) and continues populating his social media accounts with exploratory musical adventures.

When Chris is not gigging with the Naturals, he enjoys teaching and building drums.